Chaulk Mound Trout Ranch

Why choose our Rainbow Trout?
Our Trout are nice full-fined, well muscled, firm bodied, farm raised Triploid Trout.
What are Triploid Kamloop Rainbow Trout?
Triploid means the fish are sterile so they do not produce eggs. The energy that is normally used for reproduction, is then used to build up their muscles and allows them to grow faster. The Kamloop Rainbow Trout is a strain of trout that allows them to grow faster and builds up their muscles.
Why are they called "tail walkers"?
They have their own unique dance as you reel them in. They give a fight while an angler is trying to reel them in, giving the angler an adernaline rush an angler has never experienced with a Rainbow Trout.
When is Chaulk Mound Trout Ranch stocking trout?
We stock trout all through the year. Our main stocking season is during the winter months of October through April-May. We are more than welcome to freight our Trout across the desert to satisify your needs.
Do we sell small quantities of Rainbow Trout?
The smallest quantity of Rainbow Trout that we sell are at least 1,500 pounds, but we can haul loads up to 9,000 pounds.
What sizes of Rainbow Trout do we sell?
The smallest size of Rainbow Trout we sell are about a pound and a half. The largest size of Rainbow Trout we sell are up to 10-15 pounds.
Where do we sell our "Tail Walkers"?
The majority of our customers are in Southern California, but we are always happy to freight our fish to your lake. Whether it be 500 miles or 1500 miles. We will supply the 48 contingent states.
Do we raise anything other than Rainbow Trout?
We specialize in raising Triploid Kamloop Rainbow Trout to make them the Nebraska Tailwalkers. We do not sell anything other than Rainbow Trout.
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