Chaulk Mound Trout Ranch

Before "Tailwalkers"

Chaulk Mound Trout Ranch (CMTR) was started in 1997 to help the Bright farm. Family is one of the most important things to the people of CMTR. Ron and Linda Bright along with their son, Justin, and Ron's brother, Aaron, have dedicated countless hours to CMTR.

Hatching Process

The life of a Nebraska Tailwalker starts out in the hatchery. CMTR first started out as a "hatchery only" facility, but soon expanded to growing out the eggs to become the Tailwalkers. The trout are in the hatchery for about three months after they hatch from their eggs. CMTR gets their eggs from Trout Lodge in Summer, WA. The eggs are certified disease free and all lots that have been purchased since 2007 and Triploid strain. They are of the Triploid, Kamloop Rainbow Trout.

As they evolve,

When the fish are the right size, they are then moved from the hatchery to the grow-out facility. The water that is used throughout the entire facility is well water. The facility re-circulates the majority of their water as fresh water is added to the water. The use of the well water and recirculation allows our facility to remain containment free.

The Tanks

When the fish are ready for sale, they are moved to the sorting tanks. The large tanks are used to grade and prepare the fish for the long journey to California. Once they are ready for the hauling process, they are pumped into our transport tanks. Our transport tanks are specially disinfected before and after every trip.

Bio-Security Assurance

One issue facing Aquaculture facilities is bio-security and invasive species. So during our deliveries much care is given to insure our transports are kept clean. A disposable plastic sleeve is used where contact with the water is necessary for unloading. This protects against contamination from one lake to another. At the end of each trip our transports are parked in our disinfection bay (six miles from the grow-out facility). The transports are then washed with high pressure hot water. Then the transport and all equipment are disinfected with 30 minute bleach process. Finally, the transport is rinsed and prepared for the next delivery.

Annual Health Inspections

Our facility is subject to annual health inspections. The inspections are performed by the State of Nebraska. The samples collected are sent to the laboratory of Washington State University. Our inspections have been blemish free for all the 15 years we've been in business.

As another assurance to our customers - in 2009 we began testing our facility for Quagga and Zebra mussels. The samples were collected by the State of Nebraska and testing was completed by Scripts Laboratory in California. We are still contaminate free

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